5 Best Sites to Find Great WordPress Templates

5 Best Sites to Find Great WordPress Templates

5 Best Sites to Find Great WordPress Templates

Choosing a good WordPress theme is a major key when it comes to creating the perfect site for your business, blog, or what-have-you. When you’re choosing a theme it’s important to keep several things in mind, three of which being price, simplicity, and responsiveness. All of these things plays heavily into choosing a theme and is necessary for the success of your site.

Here are a few sites where you can find some great free themes as well as some stellar premium options for your WordPress theme needs:

1. WordPress.org/themes/

I know this seems obvious, but you don’t need to search far from the source to find a great theme.

The perks of going to this site for a theme include ease, reliability, and trustworthiness. You aren’t going to have to worry about getting scammed by WordPress themselves as they are a very reputable site and aren’t going to rip off their users.

One downside to using WordPress for your theme is that they might be overused. People who are lazier tend to go to WordPress first for their theme, especially if they are running several sites and don’t feel like looking around. So if you are looking for something potentially more unique I suggest looking to some of these other sites.

2. Templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes.php#gref

If you’re looking for some premium themes that come at a discount check out this site. They offer discounts such as their summer sale where you can enjoy 33% off any template.

This site is great. They have templates for almost every niche you could be possibly looking to fill and are very trustworthy. Their themes range in price, so if you’re looking for something high end and potentially pricey you can find it here as well as some cheaper themes for those balling on a budget.

3. Themeforest.net/category/wordpress

This site is easy to navigate and has some great themes for under 30$. You can search by tags, price, and even by sale!

However, they don’t show an outright preview on the search page so you’re going to have to click through to the theme to see the template in action. This can prove to be very time consuming, however, if you’re looking to limit by price and are searching for a sale then this site might be the easiest to navigate for you.

4. Colorlib.com/wp/free-wordpress-themes/

What I like about this site is that they have free themes that are responsive!

Responsiveness is essential to having a functional WordPress site and this site doesn’t make you pay for something that is basically industry standard.

While they are free they are sometimes lacking a little finesse that you might find with other premium themes, however I quite enjoy this site. If you are looking to spend zero dollars on your WordPress site you can be confidant that even with a free theme from Colorlib.com you’ll make some money even though you aren’t spending any!

5. Themify.me

COUPONS! What I love about this site is that you can get a premium theme but not without a little help from their several coupon codes. You can tweet to save 15%, sign up for newsletter for 20%, and enter your email for 10%!

Check out the video below for more on the best wordpress templates!

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